Revo Prescription

Revo is proud to fill prescriptions in our state-of-the-art optical lab. Your prescription is unique to you and your eyes and that is how Revo approaches every prescription sunglass that is custom-manufactured at our in-house facility. Using digital processing methods, Revo is able to provide sunglass lenses that meet your individual prescription needs. Revo Authentic Prescription lenses combine sophisticated engineering and industry leading digital technology to deliver a lens that’s specially customized for each individual eye. The result is exceptional clarity and comfort with reduced eye strain. Experience prescription sunglasses like you’ve never experienced before.

Most sunglasses cannot be customized. And since every customer’s eyes are different, the need for a custom eyewear solution is crucial. Without a customized solution, prescription sunglass customers will experience distortion, which leads to eye fatigue and headaches. In fact, many eye care professionals recommend against prescription sunglasses based on these very factors. In addition to a lack of customization, competing brands only fill prescriptions for select models in their collection, leaving customers without the freedom to choose.

Authentic Revo Prescription lenses utilize state-of-the-art digital technology to design and build custom single-vision and progressive lenses. When integrated with Revo frames featuring our patented Motion-Fit™ design, these advanced lenses improve the range and clarity of vision to levels virtually unnoticeable to the human eye when transitioning between prescription glasses and Authentic Revo Prescription sunglasses. And since Revo fills prescriptions for every model in the collection, customers will receive the same groundbreaking technology found in our High Contrast Polarized lenses for any Revo frame they desire.

Just like our traditional High Contrast Polarized lenses, Authentic Revo Prescription lenses include all of the benefits of Polarcast Technology. It all starts with a polycarbonate material so advanced we named it Serilium™, so it won’t be confused with the competition’s inferior polycarbonate material. In fact, Serilium is one of the only polycarbonate lenses capable of withstanding high-velocity and high-mass impacts. On top of that, prescription High Contrast Polarized lenses are infusion molded into a single layer instead of being glued between several layers. The result is a polarized prescription lens that eliminates glare without sacrificing clarity. And like traditional High Contrast Polarized lenses, every pair of prescription High Contrast Polarized lenses receive the Element Shed™ coating that repels virtually anything off the surface of the lens as well as an anti-reflective coating that reduces reflective glare. Only Authentic Revo Prescription lenses deliver the exceptional clarity, performance and protection of Revo High Contrast Polarized Technology.

Authentic Revo Prescription lenses revolutionize how prescription eyewear and the human eye function together by integrating three essential components: Authentic Revo Prescription lenses, the Revo frame and individual prescription needs. The process combines sophisticated engineering, science, mathematics and digital technology to create a prescription lens customized for each eye. From the frame to the lens, Authentic Revo Prescription delivers the complete package of prescription sunglasses with unmatched levels of clarity, comfort and customization.