The genuine, NASA-tech based Revo sun lens is available in the following lens materials:

  • SERILIUMTM: lightweight and shatterproof polycarbonate Category 3 sunlens with premium glare reduction effect; available in Blue Water, Evergreen, Graphite, Terra, Drive, Champagne and Spectra color options

  • SERILIUM+TM: featherweight and impact resistant Category 3 sunlens produced in Trivex® material with superior optical features (Abbe number: 52); available in Blue Water, Evergreen, Graphite and Terra colors

  • SELF-TINTING SERILIUMTM: a shatterproof photochromic sunlens with premium glare reduction effect; the lens darkens in direct sunlight and becomes lighter in shade or indoors; available in two colors: Evergreen Photo is Category 1 to 3, Blue Water Photo is Category 2 to 3 lens

... and if you wish to learn more about Revo’s differentiating Light Management SystemTM technology, that:

  • OPTIMIZES the full spectrum of light for superior vision

  • REDUCES Blue Light for better contrast and brightness

  • BLOCKS harmful bandwidths of light (including UV A, B and C)


Lens Materials