How to choose the Best Sunglasses for Fishing

Learn why you need polarized sunglasses for fishing in all environments. UV-Protection and polarized sunglasses are the best sunglasses for any angler.

In this article, we cover:

Sharpen your vision for the seas

A seasoned fisherman or woman knows that a successful day out on the water is a dice roll. Setting yourself up for success requires an understanding of the water and being able to trust your equipment. Fishing demands patience, stamina, and sharp vision. Your essential tools of the trade are not limited to rods, lures, and hooks. Your sunglasses are a small but necessary piece of equipment that deserves careful consideration. Here are some things to consider when shopping for your next pair of fishing sunglasses.

What's the difference between Mirror and a Polarized lens?

Mirrored sunglasses have a reflective flash coating (mirrored), frequently colored on the lens, which manages the amount of light that passes through to your eye. Mirrored lenses are best for anyone who loves the highly reflective style, everyday use in bright conditions like snow or on water, and those wanting to increase sunlight reflection at a lower cost than the polarized lens.

Things to consider when buying mirrored lenses:

  • Typically have 100% UV radiation protection.
  • 10% – 60% increase in sunlight reflection compared to regular tinted lenses.
  • Multiple lens options for distinctive looks (Mirror, gradient, and double-gradient).
  • It can be both mirrored and polarized.
  • Great for bright conditions like on the water or on snow.
  • An abundant amount of lens color options.

Keep in mind:
  •  If polarized, they can be more expensive than standard lenses.
  • Compared to designer sunglasses, the mirror coating is susceptible to scratching.
  • Require a more deliberate and delicate touch when cleaning than regular tinted lenses.
  • Typically $20-$50 more per pair than non-mirrored sunglasses.

Polarized lenses are often non-mirrored or flash coated, often tinted an amber or gray color which significantly filters out horizontally reflected glare and light. Polarized lenses are best for everyday use, especially in bright conditions, for those with light sensitivity, and for people who engage in water sports like sailing, boating, and fishing.
Things to consider when buying Polarized lenses:
  •  Offered in standard tint and mirror lens sunglasses.
  • It allows you to see below the surface of the water.
  • Significant vision clarity and color purity.
  • Blocks severe surface reflection and glare.
  • Reduces eyestrain and ocular headaches.

Keep in mind:
  •  Generally cost significantly more than standard and mirrored sunglasses.
  • Base lens color is often limited to amber, green, and gray tints.
  • Challenging to read smartphones and other electronic displays, LCD screens, & GPS displays. Revo's polarized lenses are different and allow you to read digital screens.
  • Not recommended for driving at night or flying· Not ideal for snow or ice conditions.
  • Typically $20-$40 more per pair than mirrored sunglasses and $40-$90 more than standard lenses.

Why are polarized lenses best for fishing?

The right pair of sunglasses can make or break your time on the water. Polarized shades are the modern standard for the best eye protection against UVA and UVB rays. Polarized lenses use a film that blocks horizontal light, leaving only vertical light to pass through to your eyes. The vertical light brings contrast and clarity to your surroundings resulting in radical clear vision and purity of color.

Without quality lenses, your eyes are susceptible to wind drying out the eye, squinting, strain, and fatigue, and constantly battle against reflective glare. The harsh sunlight reflects glare from the surface of the water towards you, decreasing visibility and damage. Reducing glare will protect your eyes from hours on the water and give you the advantage of seeing through the surface more clearly. 

Revo Sunglasses stand out with our signature NASA Light Management System™ technology. The LMS™ masterfully manages the entire light spectrum to provide optimum vision in all conditions. Good, helpful light is allowed in and enhanced, while harmful light is reduced or blocked. Revo Sunglasses offer prescription and non-prescription lenses that polarize and block UVA, B, and C light. They also block 99.9% of glare and manage 95% of Blue light. 

A Note About UV Protection

According to Healthline, polarized and UV-protected lenses aren't synonymous. Unless otherwise labeled, not all polarized lenses provide UV protection. Be mindful when shopping for your next sunglasses and look for frames that provide UV protection. It's crucial to guard your eyes against UV exposure when you're outside near water, sand, or snow. Short, intense UV exposure can trigger eye damage like photokeratitis (temporary blindness) and cataracts. Wearing a UV-protected lens with 99% or 100% UV protection will keep your sight sharp for the next season or tournament. Combining UV protection and a polarized lens ensures your eyes are taken care of, defend against glare, and see beneath the water.

How To Choose A Colored Lens?

Choosing the right lens color is essential when investing in your following polarized shades. The best sunglass lens color varies depending on the environment and the type of sport. In the case of fishing, there are lens color tint options that work well with specific light conditions. Low light states like dusk or dawn require different colors than bright light conditions with severe glare. 

For the brightest light conditions, opt for a gray lens. Try pairing a gray base with a blue mirrored lens for harsh sunlight at its peak. Gray lenses are perfect for offshore sport fishing, tournament fishing, or any competitive water sport in the ocean. Going for a polarized mirrored lens can reduce intense light that reflects off the open sea and cancel blinding glare. Revo offers a Graphite-colored lens that is perfect for everyday wear and a Champagne-colored lens that performs well in bright conditions. 

Amber or copper lenses are your best option for low and changing light. An amber base is best for variable light conditions. Try mixing it with an amber or green mirror for more visual contrast and clarity for any sight fishing, whether on freshwater or inshore saltwater fishing. 

To eliminate glare, use a polarized mirrored lens to reflect more extreme light that bounces off streams, rivers, and lakes. Revo's Terra lens excels in varying and low light conditions.

Revo provides nine varieties of color tints to work with every environment. Revo's options for a colored lens are perfect for fishing and water sports:

  • The Revo H20 Blue is the original crystal clear lens made with a blue-mirror coating encapsulated in the glass.
  • The Blue Water lens is ideal for bright conditions on the water, offering ultimate clarity and visibility while combating glare. It comes in a delicate tint without altering natural colors.
  • The Evergreen and Smoky Green lens will block surface glare and bring lush green tones to the surface. This color lens is perfect for fishing in ponds, lakes, and streams.

How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face?

As there are many color lenses to choose from, there are just as many frame choices. Proper coverage of your eyes is crucial. Everyone has a different face, and most companies have tried to design a frame for each one. It's essential to try on sunglasses before you buy them. There's nothing worse than having a tool that doesn't fit your needs. 

You may consider different shapes for different sports too. In general, sunglasses should match the shape of your face and rest firmly on your nose. A tighter frame may be advantageous in one arena and a disadvantage in another. The best sunglasses are the ones that fit your face the best. It may take a couple of tries, but the effort will be well worth it. Find a frame that hugs your face tightly so that no light or wind comes through the edge of your glasses. Avoid frames that are too tight that can cause ocular headaches.

How To Take Care of Your Sunglasses?

You've only got one pair of eyes, so it would be in your best interest to take great care of them! Sunglasses not only protect us from the harmful rays of the sun and block glare, but they also are our first line of protection against fishing accidents. Those new sunglasses will only work for you when you wear them, so keep your shades in good condition and close by. 

Revo provides you with a protective case that comes with a cloth pouch inside. A retainer is crucial when you're out on the water or outdoors. When your shades aren't on your face, keep them around your neck to prevent you from accidentally crushing them during the action. There are many styles available for lanyards. Choose one that is functional and fits well.

When you're out on the blue water or fishing in-shore, debris, water spots, insects, and aquatic vegetation will inevitably end up on your sunglasses. Cleaning your equipment is easy if you stick to these simple steps:

  1. Always rinse the lens first with soap and warm water for less scrubbing
  2. Use a clean, preferably microfiber cloth instead of paper towels or napkins to pat them.
  3. Put them away in the protective case when not in use for safe keeping

How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Budget?

Quality sunglasses are a worthwhile investment for any serious sports fisherman or woman. Yet finding the perfect fitting sunglasses that also make your bank account happy is not always easy. It may be helpful to consider when you shop as market prices change with the seasons. According to Business Insider, the best time of the year to buy sunglasses is during September. The cost of designer sunglasses rises and drops with temperatures rising during the summer months.  

Another thing to consider when shopping for sunglasses is if they provide a warranty for replacement or repairs in case of loss or damage. With Revo, we offer our customers Revo Care +. When you buy Revo Care+, we'll replace your damaged or lost item for a small fee on one occasion within two years from the date of purchase. No questions asked.

Key Takeaways

Sunglasses are your secret tool to sustain your vision for the coming days on the water. Your vision depends on your attentive care. Protect your eyes from harsh sunlight and UV rays with specified UV-Protection glasses,  so you can continue enjoying your time doing what you love. Give your fishing an edge with polarized lenses that allow you to glimpse beneath the sea with clarity and vibrant color. Explore Revo Sunglasses for NASA-based technology for lenses that protect, enhance, and improve the way we see the world.