From fashion to full protection in seconds

• This day-to-night lens is one of the latest innovations in Revo’s lens portfolio. We added state-of-the-art photochromic capability to our favorite Evergreen lens making it the perfect choice for a day in the city or exploring the outdoors. The subtle green mirror coating not only adds a fashionable look but protects your eyes from all UV rays and reduces glare while enhancing contrast and colors. This lens automatically adjusts to varying light conditions and is therefore ideal for driving, playing golf or tennis, for hiking, biking and running. All Revo lenses have surface protection hard coating and are treated with anti-reflection coating on the inside, yet mirrored lenses always require proper care.

Our favorite polarized brown-based, light-green mirror coated lens boosted with a light adaptive (photochromic) feature. It changes from semi-transparent to a medium-dark sunglass and back, as quickly as light conditions change.

Visual Light Transmission: Category 1 to 3 (46% to 15%)

Available with your prescription

All Revo lenses have a hard surface protection coating and are treated with anti-reflective coatings on the inside.

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