All-day comfort and protection

Even after more than 35 years, Revo's crystal glass lenses still lead the pack with unbeatable glare reduction and unsurpassed optics. The Smoky Green lens features the latest polarized technology that encapsulates Revo’s silver flash mirror coating between two layers of tempered glass that is ground and polished to the same standard as a camera lens. This fine quality sun lens blocks glare and 100% of UV light while its unique green/gray base enhances contrast and all mid-range colors of the spectrum. Smoky Green is an excellent general-purpose lens that is 20% thinner and lighter than traditional glass lenses. It is treated with anti-reflection coating on the inside.

Smoky green is a new addition to our camera lens-quality crystal glass lens portfolio; it’s a general-purpose lens with a green/gray base and silver flash mirror. With advanced polarized technology to block glare and enhance contrast and all colors, this neutral lens is ideal on moderate to bright, sunny days.

Visual Light Transmission: Category 3 (11%)

All Revo lenses have a hard surface protection coating and are treated with anti-reflective coatings on the inside.

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