Created in 1985, Revamped for today

Revo redefined the sunglass industry with its mirror-coated, polarized crystal glass lens featuring NASA lens tech in 1985. The latest iteration of the Revo glass lenses features state-of the-art polarized technology that encapsulates the signature blue mirror coating between two layers of tempered glass thus keeping this sensitive layer protected from scratching. This finest quality sun lens blocks glare and all UVA, UVB and UVC light while enhancing color and contrast. The crystal glass lens is 20% thinner and lighter than traditional glass lenses. H2O Heritage Blue lenses highlight the green, red and yellow portion of the spectrum and provide the sharpest vision with its unsurpassed optics. They are treated with anti-reflection coating on the inside.

The original, camera lens-quality crystal glass lens has been updated with the latest polarized sunglass technology to block glare and enhance color and contrast. The H2O Heritage Blue lens is a dark, brown/gray-based, blue mirror coated lens, ideal for bright, sunny days.

Visual Light Transmission: Category 3 (10%)

All Revo lenses have a hard surface protection coating and are treated with anti-reflective coatings on the inside.

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